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 Zealot/Smiter - Farmer Of The Underworld 
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---Welcome To The Underworld !---
This build is intended for experienced players, tested myself and it is pretty good and also not SLOW to kill the mob.

Must know:
%FHR = Faster hit recovery
res = resistance
%CB = crushing blow
%IAS = Increased Attack Speed
Unstacked res = amount of resistance with +max (the element) resistance.
Stacked res = total amount beyond the actual unstacked resistance.

Part 1 - The stuff and my opinion

Nethercrow (2) sockets - Ber Ber
+30 dext, +2 all skills, maximum life +16%,16% Damage Reduction, 20%chance to cast lvl 15 bone armor when struck, 20%chance to cast lvl 30 fissure on striking, and +20 all res with the high %Enhanced defense make it a helm of choice.

Dusk Shroud or better defense (Chains of Honor)
+2 All skills, +65 all res and 8% Damage reduction, you should pick this,like really :)

---Ring 1---
Raven Frost
Attack rating, +30 dext, 20% Cold absorb, you want this to survive vs the Cold Hydra.

---Ring 2---
Wisp Projector
Lightning absorb 20%,10% chance to cast lvl 16 lightning on strike, you want this to survive vs the Lightning Hydra.

Siggard's Stealth
+1 all skills,15 FCR, 17FHR,10 all res,+10 all attributes, 8% DR, top tier belt.

Merman's Sprocket
40% FRW, 25%CB, high defense,+25 vitality, cannot be frozen, top tier boots.

Dracul's Grasp
Life tap,open wounds,+15 STR, high defense, top tier gloves.

Heaven's Light (Paladin)
+2 all skills, +1 to paladin skill levels,+15% IAS, +30 all res, 30% MF, top tier amulet.

Eth phase blade (Last Wish) 70%CB,blind target, prevent regen, indestructible, fast ias, top tier.

Eth glided shield or vortex shield (exile runeword), get at least 30res.

---On Switch---
Weapon: Call to arms (+6 Battle orders) excellent for buffs.
Shield: paladin shield low str requirement, Spirit (+2 all skills) in order to maximise our buffs.

Part 2 - The Inventory
Hellfire Torch x1.
Diablo's Horn x1.
Annihilus x1.
Tyrael's Heart x1.
Viper Eye (99) Crafted grand charm (+1 offensive auras,12%FHR,30life,44 mana) x6.
Mephisto Brain (Fade) x1 (You can use treachery prebuff if you don't have Fade on the brain).

The rest of the small charms is up to you, take note that you ABSOLUTELY NEED 86% FHR and 120 Cold,Fire,Light stacked resistances and enough skill level with fanaticism to reach maximum %IAS, skiller is needed to make it easy.

Part 3 - The Skills
Holy Shield - 20pts
Fanaticism - 20pts
Resist Lightning - 10pts (Hidden stat give us +1 MAX Light res, so we have +5 to max light res in total :)
Vigor - 1pt
Zeal - 20pts
Sacrifice - 20pts

Part 4 - The Hotkeys
D - Smite
E - Charge
S - Zeal
X - Fanaticism
C - Salvation

Part 5 - The Stats
This is based on my SP character level 92

Strenght: Enough to have 156 in total (71 base points), to use Crown of age or variation of items otherwise put only the required strenght to use the stuff.
Dext: Max block (my shield has 52% base block) and Holy shield is level 32 without buffs, i need 171 dext(81 base points) in total to have 75% chance to block everything, see to calculate it easy.
Vitality:Everything, i'm at 448 in total (373 base points)

Smite/Charge/Zeal on left skill, if you use F1 to F11 you are a noob man :(

Part 6 - How to play Zeal/Smite
This build is actually a lot of fun:

Your main skills will be: Zeal,Charge,Smite.
Your main aura will be: Fanaticism or Salvation depending of the situation.

First of all, you will almost use all the time Zeal in order to spam the chance to trigger a special skill (like fissure from nethercrow) or any other Chance on hit/strike, and mostly TRIGGERING crushing blow, the deadly source of damage to crush your evil foes, it's also for the survive with Life Tap.

Part 7 - How to progress in the Underworld


Q:How to rekt the UBER REX
A: You can face any amount of UBER REX even rush and stand in the middle of them, be sure to smite some of them to stun 2-3s, then attack 5 targets each time with Zeal, they will die in no time.

Q:How to rekt the UBER REX when they are packed with council members
A:Council members are extremly dangerous and will put you on hit recovery/stun lock if you are in the middle of a pack of uber rex and face 2-3 council member (hydra missiles), to solve this issue, "Charge" back (retreat) in a way to kill the pack of rex, then continue your progress safely.

Q:Oblivion Knight are too op what can i do to continue :(
A:They are the most dangerous enemies of the uber, the bone spirit eploding into a nova of bonemancer Teeth will destroy you in no time if you ever touch it, a good way to manage them is simply to wait one of them leaving his group of minion, like, try to lure one close to you, isolate him, "Charge" until you knockback him into a safe place (map edge, or corner) smite/zeal him to death.

Q:What to do when you face 3 council members and the 4rth is using conviction...

A:As said in the guide, you need 120 fire,cold,light resistance stacked, then in a situation like this, salvation is the skill to use as it will give a big 100+ fire,cold,light resistance (depend of skill level) you will have at least 220 resistance, 220 resistance is needed to still have maximum resistance while being under effect of conviction and at 95 fire,cold,light (unstacked) resistance, for this build, we are at 80 max unstacked cold,light,fire resistance,

try to retreat with charge, this AI is kinda aggressive and will try to chase you, once you find the opportunity like facing 1-2 council member, charge->smite->zeal, easy peasy wait until the hydra disappear, fight the next council member.

Q:Uber izual teleport i'm screwed
A:Those are the easiest monster, be sure not to face too much rex,izuals,council member or you will be put on hit recovery/stun lock and die, you don't need to smite this garbage, just Zeal it to death.

Q:Ok i'm at the end but the Lord Of The Underworld use abusive skill and rekt me so hard i couldn't do it.
A:This boss has insane damage, go to town, switch your heaven's light amulet with "The Rising sun amulet", if u think u will die switch the armor with guardian's angel, get 95 fire,cold,light unstacked res,destroy him and finally "be lucky" to drop 1piece of the set, or struggle in the next game.

Part 8 - Special Strategy

No one said it was only for Soloing isn't it ?, you could use this build or go full smitter, at the difference that

1) You will be doing a co-op with a friend that have a paladin equal to yours, at the difference that he will constantly use salvation and YOU will constantly use fanaticism, providing a "double buffs" beyond imagination, making it possible to use many combination of items.
2) Get a barb singer with Battle Orders lvl 50-53, combined with nethercrow, see your health raise to 5K
3) Easy ?

Part 9 - Tips

A mephisto brain with Fade grant you a lot of resistances, if you also have the chance to have slow missiles on it as well, it can be excellent to make the council member missiles "useless" as it will be so slow, even a frog could jump between the lightning :lol:

A full enchant sorceress can empower Zealot attack rating and making it even easier.
You cannot teleport but you can leap, depending of the map generation, you can skip minions to get to the boss quicker :oops:.

I hope you guys will try to complete the level and use other combination of items, if so then share, see you in the underworld when my pally is stuffed on battle.cow :lol:

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wow. very nice in-depth guide!, thanks bruv!!


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