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 UPDATED Maphack (Shows Dyes) *Credit to Dedek* 
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First and foremost, I thank Dedek for modding this for our server!

Recommend Notepad ++

I've got asked multiple times about dyes and MH. Me and a few other players have tested it and it works to show every dye. Before I post the .CFG, I will post the commands for easy access.

G = Next Game ( Not "D", but you can change it back to it and it's simple, ask if you need any help with it)
5 = Show hidden items ( Shows the shit items, MH hides all shit items, but UNIQUES and certain WHITES )
V = Show items instead of holding down ALT. ( Type it again and you can feel free to hold ALT all you want lol )

The other commands are listed in the top of the CFG for you to look at!
So just copy and replace your config with this updated one and any questions, ask either on discord (Chazzy *djent*) or In game. Sadly the forum is practically dead and outdated so please don't try and message me here.

Just copy and replace your old config with this new one! It is for players arn't lookin' for starter items! Once again, if you are new, feel free to message me and I am more than willing to help edit it to show you what you need!


Show CFGCheck Info : 0
Enable Language Check : 0
GameFilterSupport: 0
Localization Support: 0
CFG Version Eng : "edited by dedek and imported here by Chazzy"

//anything you dont want here most are simple to work out
//like prem show items means items is always on show just // in fornt of that line to turn it off

Reload Config Key: VK_NUMPAD9 //reload cfg in game key
Next Player Stat Key: VK_7 //detailed stats shown in character
Perm Show Items Toggle: 1, VK_V //show hide dropped items
Socket Protect Toggle: 1, VK_INSERT //socket protect
View Socketables Toggle: 0, VK_6 //view runeword base
View Socket Base Items Toggle: 0, VK_6 //view runeword base
Item Value Toggle: 0, VK_8 //show item sell value
Item Levels Toggle: 0, VK_8 //show item ilvl
Quick Next Game Key: VK_G //quick next game
View Equipment Key: VK_Y //view players equpment
Quick Back To Town Key: VK_SPACE //go back in town
Hidden Items Toggle: 0, VK_5 //show all hidden items
Automap Missiles Toggle: 1, VK_NUMPAD8 //minimap skills
Auto Invite Toggle: 1, VK_NUMPAD5 //auto party invite
Auto Party Toggle: 1, VK_NUMPAD5 //auto party accept
Chicken Life Toggle: 1, VK_NUMPAD7 //chicken life
Chicken Life: 0
Auto Loot Permit : 1, -1
Show Ping Toggle: 1, -1
Show Exp Toggle: 1, -1 , 2
Out Town Select Toggle: 1, -1
Show Base ED Toggle : 1, -1
Show Party Position Toggle: 0, -1
Show Party Level Toggle: 1, -1
Socket Numbers Toggle: 1, -1
Show Item Variable Prop Toggle: 1, -1


Monster Colours[352-354,411-417]: 0x20 //traps, hydras
Missile Colours[All Arrows]: 0x20 //all other arrows
Missile Colours[149,150,220,236-238]: 0x70 //barb cry
Missile Colours[115,182-194,217,249,282,328]: 0x0e //bone, curses
Hostile Missile Colour:0x62 //hostile missile
Missile Colours[87,194,328]: 0x62 //bone spirit, guided missile
Missile Colours[214]: 0x9b //multishot
Missile Colours[59,61-63,83,101-106,266]: 0x60 //fire stuff
Missile Colours[60,92,97,120,159-166,261-265]: 0x9e //cold stuff
Missile Colours[57,91,94,99,100,207]: 0xa8 //ligtning stuff
Missile Colours[119,142,172,218,437,438]: 0x7d //poison stuff

Center Map Scroll Key: VK_PAUSE
Scroll Map Toggle: 0, VK_Subtract
Diagonal Scroll Toggle: 1, -1
Full Visuals Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
Weather Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
Infravision Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
Light Radius Toggle: 1, VK_MULTIPLY
Screen Shake Toggle: 1
Automap Chests Toggle: 1, -1
Closed Chest Colour: -1
Locked Chest Colour: -1

Kill Count Toggle: 1, -1, 3
GetHit Count Toggle: 1, -1, 2

Default Game Name: ""
Default Game Password: ""

//Item QLevel Toggle: 0, VK_NUMPAD6
//Item MLevel Toggle: 0, VK_NUMPAD6
//Item ALevel Toggle: 0, VK_NUMPAD6
//Item After Cube Toggle: 0, VK_NUMPAD6

ULC Mask Toggle: 1, -1
Bug Auto Quit Toggle: 0, -1
//Bug Alert Times: 3
Skip Quest Message: 8
Townportal Nums Alert: 3

Reveal Level Automap Key: -1
Auto Reveal Act: 1
AutoMap Toggle: 1, -1
Auto Next Game Name: 1
Auto Next Game Password: 1
Show Identified Item : 1, -1

Item ExtInfo Toggle : 1 , -1
Item ExtInfo File Eng: "ItemInfo_Eng.cfg"
Default ExtInfo Colour : 8

Map Scroll Offset1[1-5]: 20, 12
Map Scroll Offset2[1-5]: -20, 12
Map Scroll Offset3[1-5]: -20, -12
Map Scroll Offset4[1-5]: 20, -12
Map Scroll Offset5[3]: -40, 10

Player Blob File: "blobplayer"
Monster Blob File: "blobmonster"
Object Blob File: "blobchest"
Item Blob File: "blobitem"
Boss Blob File: "blobBoss"
Npc Blob File: "blobNpc"
My Blob File: "blobMe"
Corpse Blob File: "blobCorpse"
Missile Blob File: "blobdot"

//Locale MPQ:"d2locale.mpq"
Input Line Toggle: 1, -1

//Extrawork Dll Action: 0
//Version Checking Dll Action: 0

Enter Game Sound : 0
Right Click Swap Toggle: 1, -1
Ctrl Click Swap Toggle : 1 ,-1
Quick Drop Toggle : 1 ,-1

Message Log Toggle: 2
Message Log File Size : 1000

Game Time Toggle: 1, -1
Clock Toggle: 0, -1
Layer Level No Toggle : 0, -1
Server Ip Toggle: 0, -1
Area Level Toggle: 1, -1

Automap Active Rooms Toggle: 0, -1
Automap Ready Rooms Toggle: 0, -1
Automap Screen Area Toggle: 0, VK_SCROLL
Automap Active Rooms Colour: 0x77
Automap Ready Rooms Colour: 0x77
Automap Screen Area Colour: 0x55
Mini Shrines Toggle: 1, -1

//Life Bar Transparency: 2
//Life Bar Colour: 0x08

Perm Show Orbs Toggle: 1, -1

Automap Level Names Toggle: 1, -1
Level Name Colour: White
Staff Tomb Level Desc: " %2<---------Real Tomb"
Minimap Size: 5
Minimap Toggle: 1, -1
Minimap Cell Colour: 0x81

// format: Minimap Cells[level number][cell no.1, cell no.2, ...] : 1 , color2 // 1 for enable, -1 for disable
// example:
//Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 2][Catacombs Level 3]: 1 , 0x62
//Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 3][Catacombs Level 4]: 1 , 0x62

Minimap Cells[Rogue Encampment][The Secret Cow Level]: 1
Minimap Cells[Blood Moor][Den of Evil]: 1
Minimap Cells[Stony Field][Cairn Stone]: 1
Minimap Cells[Black Marsh][Forgotten Tower]: 1
Minimap Cells[Dark Wood][Tree of Inifuss]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 1][Tower Cellar Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 2][Tower Cellar Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 3][Tower Cellar Level 4]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tower Cellar Level 4][Tower Cellar Level 5]: 1
Minimap Cells[Tamoe Highland][Pit Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Pit Level 1][Pit Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Jail Level 1][Jail Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Jail Level 2][Jail Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Jail Level 3][Inner Cloister]: 1
Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 1][Catacombs Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 2][Catacombs Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Catacombs Level 3][Catacombs Level 4]: 1
Minimap Cells[Cold Plains][Crypt]: 1
Minimap Cells[Barracks][316]: 1

Minimap Cells[Far Oasis][Maggot Lair Level 1]: 1
Minimap Cells[Maggot Lair Level 1][Maggot Lair Level 2]:1
Minimap Cells[Maggot Lair Level 2][Maggot Lair Level 3]:1
Minimap Cells[lost city][Claw Viper Temple Level 1] :1
Minimap Cells[Lost City][Ancient Tunnels]: 1 ,0x62
Minimap Cells[Claw Viper Temple Level 1][Claw Viper Temple Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Arcane Sanctuary][Horazon's Journal]: 1

Minimap Cells[Kurast Bazaar][Ruined Temple]: 1
Minimap Cells[Durance of Hate Level 1][Durance of Hate Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Durance of Hate Level 2][Durance of Hate Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Flayer Jungle][315]: 1

Minimap Cells[Plains of Despair][Izual on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[River of Flame][Hellforg on Minimap]: 1

Minimap Cells[Crystalline Passage][Frozen River]: 1
Minimap Cells[Frozen River][Anya on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[118][Arreat Summit]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of Anguish][Halls of Pain]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of Pain][Halls of Vaught]: 1
Minimap Cells[Halls of Vaught][Nihlathak on Minimap]: 1
Minimap Cells[Worldstone Keep Level 1][Worldstone Keep Level 2]: 1
Minimap Cells[Worldstone Keep Level 2][Worldstone Keep Level 3]: 1
Minimap Cells[Worldstone Keep Level 3][Throne of Destruction]: 1

Monster Death Anims[1+]: -1
Monster Level Toggle: 0, -1
Monster TC Toggle: 0, -1
Monster Rune TC Toggle: 0, -1
Monster HPPercent Toggle: 0 ,-1
Monster Resists Toggle: 1, -1
Monster Distance Toggle: 0 ,-1
Player Level Toggle: 0 ,-1
Player Distance Toggle: 0 ,-1
Player HPPercent Toggle: 0 ,-1
Boss Name Toggle: 1 , -1

Automap Items Toggle: 1, -1
Rune Numbers Toggle: 1, -1
Automap Party Default: 1
Automap Names Default: 1

Hidden Corpses Toggle: 1, -1
Automap Corpses Toggle: 1, -1
//Normal Corpse Colour: 0x08
//Boss Corpse Colour: 0x08
//Minion Corpse Colour: 0x08
//Champion Corpse Colour: 0x08
//Monster Corpse Colours[0+]: 0x08
//Monster Corpses[0+]: 1

Party Player Text Colour: 2
Neutral Player Text Colour: 9
Hostile Player Text Colour: 1
Neutral Player Colour: 0x6f
Hostile Player Colour: 0x5b
Friend Minion Colour : 0x7f
Player Minion Colour: 0xcb

Automap Monsters Toggle: 1, -1
Normal Monster Colour: 0x62
Boss Monster Colour: 0x5b
Minion Monster Colour: 0x66
Champion Monster Colour: 0x68
Act5 Barbarian Colour: 0x9f
Super Unique Colour : 0x6f

Monster Colours[Undead Stygian Doll 1]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Undead Stygian Doll 2]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Gloam 1]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Gloam 2]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Burning Soul 1]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Burning Soul 2]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[734]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Black Soul 1]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Black Soul 2]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Soul Killer 3]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Soul Killer 4]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Frenzied Ice Spawn]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Tomb viper 1]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Tomb Viper 2]: 0x9b
Monster Colours[Undead Soul Killer 2]: 0x9b

Monster Desc Colour: Red
Extra Strong Desc: "STR"
Extra Fast Desc: "FAST"
Cursed Desc: "%2C"
Magic Resistant Desc: "%8M"
Mana Burn Desc: "%3MB"
Teleportation Desc: "TP"
Spectral Hit Desc: "H"
Ghostly Desc: "GHOST"
Fanatic Desc: "%11FNT"
Possessed Desc: "POSS"
Berserker Desc: "BER"
Stone Skin Desc: "%4SKIN"
Champion Desc: 0
Thief Desc: 0
Enchantment Descs: 0

// Auras Enhanted:
Aura Descs : 0
Might Aura Desc: "%2Might"
Holy Freeze Aura Desc: "%2Freez"
Conviction Aura Desc: "%2Conv"
Fanaticism Aura Desc: "%2Fana"

// Immunities:
Immunity Descs : 0
Fire Immunity Desc: "%1i"
Lightning Immunity Desc: "%9i"
Cold Immunity Desc: "%3i"
Poison Immunity Desc: "%2i"
Physical Immunity Desc: "%8i"
Magic Immunity Desc: "%3M"

Ethereal Item Prefix: "[Ethhh]"

Good Gold Number: 5000 //gold under X is hidden edit the number as you like
Good Gold Colour: Gold
Poor Gold Colour: -2
Item Colours[81-86,2022,2023,2036]: -2 //Throwing Potions, Scroll Town & Identify, Shop Keys - Hidden
Item colours[2019]: -2 //Arrows shown
Item Colours[2021]: -2 //Bolts hidden
Item Colours[2006-2008,2010]: -2 //Stamina, Antidote, Thawing, Small Rejuv potions hidden
item colours[2049-2095]: -2 // hidden all gems dont worry ill put them back it below
item colours[2096]: -2

//Hiding Weapons
item colours[1-87,94-306]:-2 //hidden every weapon, to be readded below as needed

//Hiding Armor
item colours[1001-1202]:-2 //hidden every armor, to be readded below as needed

item colours[2097]:-2
item colours[2013,2015,2136]:-2
item colours[all][unique]: gold , -1 //show or ignore all uniques
item colours[all][set]: green , -1 // show or ignore all sets


//item colours[Berserker Axe][2,3][Ethereal,REAL][1,4,5,6,7]: green

// item colours = code
// [Berserker Axe] = item you want to see. For more do - [Berserker Axe,Crytal Sword,next item]
// [2,3] = the grade off the item (full grade table below)
// [eth,real] = if you want it to be both etn and non if you just want eth change it to [etherreal]
// [1,4,5,6,7] = the sockets you want to see.This is +1 so 0 = 1 socket, 1 = 2 sockets 2=3 3=4 4=5 5=6 so on
// : green = the colour of the item - table

//Low Quality, Inferior, Crude, Cracked, Damaged: 1
//Normal: 2
//High Quality, Superior: 3
//Magical, Magic: 4
//Set: 5
//Rare: 6
//Unique: 7
//Crafted, Craft: 8


// set items

item colours[Light Plated Boots,Bone Visage,Chaos Armor,Cantor Trophy,Troll Belt,Heavy Bracers,Leather Gloves,Sash,Avenger Guard,Bramble Mitts,Mithril Coil,Battle Boots,Mesh Boots,Winged Helm,Swirling Crystal,Death Mask,Lacquered Plate,Mesh Belt,Amulet,Ring][5][real]: Green

// unique items eth and not eth lines, watch the line brakes if its to long you need to short it or add more item colours code, or its fucked up

// not eth only uniques \/

item colours[luna,troll nest,Sharkskin Boots,Unearthed Wand,Shako,Diadem,Tiara,Ring,Amulet,Large Charm,Grand Charm,Jewel,Caduceus,Archon Staff,Phase Blade,Ward Bow,Grand Matron Bow,Bone Knife,Scourge,Troll Nest,Vampirebone Gloves,Bramble Mitts,Boots][7][real]: Gold

//both not and eth uniques \/

item colours[Berserker Axe,Boneweave Boots,Myrmidon Greaves,Mirrored Boots,Spiderweb Sash,Vampirefang Belt,Mithril Coil,Vambraces,Ogre Gauntlets,Matriarchal Javelin,Runic Talons,Hierophant Trophy,Bloodlord Skull,Succubus Skull,Slayer Guard,Fury Visor,Conqueror Crown,Swirling Crystal,Eldritch Orb,Dimensional Shard,Demon Heart,Totemic Mask,Blood Spirit,Sky Spirit,Earth Spirit,Gilded Shield,Zakarum Shield,Studded Leather,Light Gauntlets,Long Bow,Grim Wand,Sallet,Grand Crown,Grim Helm,Serpentskin Armor,Trellised Armor,Grim Shield,Battle Boots,War Boots,Demonhide Sash,Sharkskin Belt,War Belt,Tomb Wand,Shako,Spired Helm,DemonHead2,Corona,Bone Visage,Dusk Shroud,Wire Fleece,Sacred Armor,Monarch,Scarabshell Boots][7][real,unreal]: Gold

//eth only uniques \/

item colours[Ceremonial Javelin,Shadow Plate,Fuscina,Yari,Quarterstaff,Berserker Axe,Ogre Axe,Thresher,Cryptic Axe,Winged Knife,Winged Axe,Battle Dart,Cuirass,Mesh Armor,Russet Armor][7][unreal]: Gold

item colours[Rejuvenation Potion, Full Rejuvenation Potion]: Grey , -1
Rune Colours[1+]: Purple , 0x84

item colours[Runic Talons,Greater Talons][6]: yellow
item colours[Flail][2,3][Ethereal][5,6,7]: green2 , -1
item colours[Flail][2,3][real][5,6,7]: green3 , -1
//item colours[Crystal Sword][2,3][Ethereal][5,6,7]: green2 , -1
//item colours[Crystal Sword][2,3][Real][5,6,7]: green3 , -1
item colours[Berserker Axe][2,3][Ethereal][1,6,7]: green2 , 0x7a
item colours[Berserker Axe][2,3][Real][1,6,7]: green3 , 0x7a
item colours[Colossus Blade,Colossus Sword][2,3][Ethereal][1,4,5,6,7]: green2 , 0x7a
item colours[Cryptic Axe,Colossus Voulge,Thresher][2,3][Ethereal][5,6,7]:green2 , 0x7a
item colours[Phase Blade][3][REAL][6,7]: green3 , 0x7a
item colours[Thunder Maul][3][Ethereal][1,7]: green2 , 0x7a
item colours[Matriarchal Bow,Grand Matron Bow][3][REAL][3,5]: green3 , 0x7a
//item colours[Short Bow,Hunter's Bow,Edge Bow,Razor Bow,Spider Bow,Blade Bow][2,3][Real][2,4]: green3 , -1 //for edge runeword
//item colours[Dimensional Shard,Swirling Crystal,Jared's Stone][2,3][Ethereal,REAL][1,4]: green3 , -1
//item colours[War Scepter,Caduceus,Divine Scepter][2,3][REAL][1,4,5,6,7]: green3 , -1
//item colours[Bone Wand,Grim Wand,Tomb Wand,Grave Wand,Polished Wand,Ghost Wand,Lich Wand,Unearthed Wand][2,3][Ethereal,REAL][1,3]: green3 , -1
//item colours[Greater Talons,Runic Talons][2,3][REAL][1,4]: green3 , -1

//item colours[Diadem][1,2,3]: white
item colours[Dusk Shroud,Wyrmhide,Archon Plate][3][Real][1,4,5]: green3 , 0x7a
item colours[Mage Plate][3][Real][1,4,5]: green3 , 0x7a
item colours[Kraken Shell,Archon Plate,Shadow Plate,Sacred Armor,Lacquered Plate][2][Ethereal][1,5]: green2 , 0x7a
item colours[Vambraces,Vampirebone Gloves,Heavy Bracers,Sharkskin Gloves][6]: yellow , 0x61
item colours[Headbands][6]: yellow , 0x6a

item colours[Troll Nest][2][Ethereal][1,4,5]: green2 , -1
item colours[Troll Nest][3][real][1,4,5]: green3 , -1
item colours[Monarch][2][Ethereal][1,5]: green2 , -1
item colours[Monarch][2,3][real][1,5]: green3 , -1
item colours[Vortex Shield,Sacred Rondache,Sacred Targe,Kurast Shield,Zakarum Shield][1,2,3][real][1,4,5]: red , -1
item colours[Vortex Shield,Sacred Rondache,Sacred Targe,Kurast Shield,Zakarum Shield,Royal Shield][1,2,3,6][Ethereal]: red , 0x9b

item colours[2155]: Purple , 0x84 //nv state
item colours[Grand Charm][4]: Blue , 0x89
//item colours[Large Charm][4]: Blue , 0x89
item colours[Small Charm][4]: Blue , 0x89

//item colours[jewel][4]: blue , 0x89
item colours[jewel][6]: yellow , 0x61
item colours[ring][6]: yellow , 0x61
item colours[amulet][6]: yellow , 0x61

//item colours[Perfect Amethyst]:Green3
item colours[Perfect Topaz]:Green3
//item colours[Perfect Sapphire]:Green3
item colours[Perfect Emerald]:Green3
//item colours[Perfect Ruby]:Green3
//item colours[Perfect Diamond]:Green3
//item colours[Perfect Skull]:Green3


//item colours[jawbone cap,fanged helm,horned helm,assault helmet,avenger guard,jawbone visor,lion helm,rage mask,savage helmet,slayer guard,carnage helm,fury visor,destroyer helm,conqueror crown,guardian crown][3][real][1,4]: orange , -1

// TEMPORARY BASES //spirit hoto cta merc weapon
//item colours[Large Shield,Kite Shield,Scutum,Dragon Shield,Bill,Battle Scythe,Partizan,Bec-De-Corbin,Grim Scythe,Crystal Sword,Broad Sword,Long,Sword,Dimensional Blade,Battle Sword,Rune Sword,][2,3]: orange , -1


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