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 Nightshades MMORPG maphack config :) 
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Hey, Sharing is caring :lol: Enjoy this looking like MMORPG config, for me, the color of the item text is important ! so i tried to make it as best as i could, let me show you a screenshot to illustrate it !

This is how it work:

1) All potions (including Gas,Oil,Health,Mana) potions are only visible if you have "show hidden items on" it was the best thing to do to farm Underworld Level and cow level without a spam of potions everywhere.

2) Colors Code matching item graphics (kinda, Mana is blue, Health is red, etc).

3)Runes are now put in "2" Tier, from El to Lo it will be "orange" higher than those runes they will be high tier runes, they will be "red".

4)All quests items will be using the "gold" color (unique item), except keys of destruction, and the essences they will be using the crafted color "orange".

6)Every interesting items (the most used one) that are normal/superior (useful for runewords) will appear with the "orange" colors, if the item is ethereal it will appear in "red", red meaning that this is VERY IMPORTANT, you could've drop a Ethereal Giant Thresher, red is a flashy color :P

7)Minimum gold pile is 5k by default or it's hidden, change it as you wish.

8)Perfect topaz/skull and such are all "purple", Yes, I love this color :mrgreen:

9) Druid Pelt and Circlets are also there, in case you want to try some crazy stuff :D
Note:Circlets,Corona (rare/crafted), druids pelt and necromancer head will use their own color code, so if it's ethereal don't search for the red text :lol:

Finally all the dyes and other items from Misc.txt and other types are shown so you won't miss any nv state charm (that grant glow) or any dyes at all.

I Highly suggest that you DELETE everything that may affect my config,such as "item colours" and your own stuff, finally copy/paste that at the bottom and enjoy !

/*Nightshades MMORPG Config*/

//Low Quality, Inferior, Crude, Cracked, Damaged: 1
//Normal: 2
//High Quality, Superior: 3
//Magical, Magic: 4
//Set: 5
//Rare: 6
//Unique: 7
//Crafted, Craft: 8

/*General Config*/
Monster HPPercent Toggle: 1 ,-1
Ethereal Item Prefix: "[Eth] "
Default Item Show Mode : 1

Rune Colours[1-28]:orange 1 -1
Rune Colours[29+]:red,-1

//A Good Cleanup Hide everything !
item colours[0-15000][1,2,3,4,6] -2 //hide everything except set/unique/crafted

/*Amulets and Rings Rare+Crafted only*/
item colours[Amulet,Ring][6,8] -1

/*Custom Server Misc.txt and others all shown !*/
item colours[2139+] -1

/*Scrolls and tomes*/
item colours[Scroll of Town Portal,Scroll of Identify]:blue,-2
item colours[Tome of Town Portal,Tome of Identify]:blue,-1

/*Health Potions*/
item colours[Minor Healing Potion,Light Healing Potion,Healing Potion,Greater Healing Potion,Super Healing Potion]:red,-2

/*Mana Potions*/
item colours[Minor Mana Potion,Light Mana Potion,Mana Potion,Greater Mana Potion,Super Mana Potion]:blue,-2

/*Rejuvenation potions always shown*/
item colours[Rejuvenation Potion,Full Rejuvenation Potion]:purple,-1

/*Other potions*/
item colours[Antidote Potion]:green,-2
item colours[Thawing Potion]:blue,-2
item colours[Stamina Potion]:yellow,-2

/*Throwing Potions*/
item colours[Fulminating Potion,Exploding Potion,Oil Potion]:orange,-2
item colours[Strangling Gas Potion,Choking Gas Potion,Rancid Gas Potion]:green,-2

item colours[Small Charm,Large Charm,Grand Charm] -1

//gold filter
Good Gold Number: 5000
Good Gold Colour: Gold
Poor Gold Colour: -2

/*Most Used Shields*/
item colours[Monarch,Troll Nest,Sacred Targe,Sacred Rondache,Kurast Shield,Zakarum Shield,Vortex Shield][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Monarch,Troll Nest,Sacred Targe,Sacred Rondache,Kurast Shield,Zakarum Shield,Vortex Shield][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

/*Most Used Armor*/
item colours[Mage Plate,Dusk Shroud,Kraken Shell,Archon Plate,Sacred Armor][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Mage Plate,Dusk Shroud,Kraken Shell,Archon Plate,Sacred Armor][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

/*Most used OneHanded Axes*/
item colours[Berserker Axe][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Berserker Axe][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

/*Most Used OneHanded Mace*/
item colours[Flail][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Flail][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

/*Most Used Polearms*/
item colours[Colossus Voulge,Thresher,Giant Thresher][2,3]:orange,-2
item colours[Colossus Voulge,Thresher,Giant Thresher][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-2

/*Most used amazon bows*/
item colours[Matriarchal Bow,Grand Matron Bow][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Matriarchal Bow,Grand Matron Bow][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

/*Most used assassin katars*/
item colours[Runic Talons][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Runic Talons][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

/*Most used swords*/
item colours[Colossus Blade,Phase Blade,Crystal Sword][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Colossus Blade,Phase Blade,Crystal Sword][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

/*Most used helms*/
item colours[Corona,Bone Visage][2,3]:orange,-1
item colours[Corona,Bone Visage][2,3][Ethereal]:red,-1

item colours[Perfect Ruby,Perfect Sapphire,Perfect Topaz,Perfect Emerald,Perfect Diamond,Perfect Amethyst,Perfect Skull]:purple,-1

/*Circlet/Coronet - rare/crafted*/
item colours[Circlet,Coronet,Tiara,Diadem][6,8] -1

/*Druid Pelt for maximum elemental skills - rare/crafted*/
item colours[Blood Spirit,Earth Spirit,Sky Spirit][6,8] -1

/*Necromancer Heads for maximum + Mastery or something*/
item colours[Bloodlord Skull,Succubus Skull][6,8] -1

/*Quest Items*/
item colours[174,175,2017,2018,89,90,91,92,93,2038-2048,2137,2139]:gold,-1

Edit:Eth prefix color was overriding item quality, it's been revert to default one, and fixed colors !
Edit2:fixed quest items.

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